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About Bold Lead Designs

Bold Lead Designs, LLC is located in Aurora, CO, in the Denver Metro area. All of our leashes and training accessories are made one at a time in our local workshop by owner and designer Katrina Boldry, with a little help from her dog Cora. Katrina's husband Brian helps keep everything running.

We make products we believe in. Our designs are unique and have been created because we know how hard it is to find that perfect leash. We are inspired by service dogs and working dogs of all kinds.

We believe well-designed, handcrafted, locally made products should be accessible to those who desire a quality dog training tool.

As a small independent local business, we design, manufacture and represent our own products.
Everything is made by our own hands in our local workshop--no outsourcing or mass production! We use domestic suppliers and US hides.

We support handmade items, shopping locally, animal rescue and service dog organizations, other businesses with a unique product they stand behind, good people with ethical practices, and believe that following our principles is essential to our success as a business. We are committed to the environment: we do our part by consuming consciously, recycling, and re-appropriating. One leather leash will last for decades, eliminating the need to replace a synthetic item many times over. Our products are designed to be repaired, not replaced.

Bold Lead Designs is committed to helping local non-profit groups. We support area rescue and service dog organizations in a variety of ways, including product donations, monetary contributions, attending fundraisers, and volunteering our time. Please, let us know how we can continue to support the local dog community!

Thank You!
Katrina Boldry, Owner & Designer
phone: 303-856-3012
main website: